Update: I have an agent!!!

More info to come later but…on July 7th, 2017, I signed with Jenny Bent of The Bent Agency!! It’s been a long, long search, and at some points I definitely doubted whether I’d get here, but–here I am! Honestly, it’s all still sinking in. I haven’t fully come to terms with it yet, and I kind of feel like a dog that caught its own tail after spending its entire life chasing it.


January 2013–finished the first draft of Book Two.

January 2013-October 2016–tirelessly revised, queried, and obsessed over Book Two. (In between query batches and waiting for full requests to be read, wrote books Three and Four, neither of which I intended to query.)

October 2016–Started Book Five

November 2016–Finished Book Five

December 2016-February 2017–Tirelessly revised Book Five

February 2017–Sent first batch of queries for Book Five

March 2017–Got rejections, considered giving up

April 2017–Got back in the saddle, reworked query, entered contests to help revise

April-May 2017–More revisions, more queries sent. #DVPit requests forced me to test out the new query.

May 2017–Oh my god four full requests

June 2017–Oh my god offer

July 2017 (Present)–Oh my god eleven full requests and three offers


One Reply to “Update: I have an agent!!!”

  1. Oh my god congratulations!!! I’m actually looking for fellow teen writers to connect with and was wondering if you’d be willing to be in touch? If you have any advice on querying, I would die to know. No pressure if you can’t – but if you can I’ll be so indebted!!! I remember reading your son of a pitch query for LUCID and absolutely loving it – you’re just about the only writer my age whose writing I actually love! (You may remember me from son of a pitch – you posted a very kind review of my original query letter for ASHES, ASHES on my blog.)


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